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In any city, the chance of an accident occurring becomes much greater than in less populated areas. With tall buildings, pedestrians frequenting the streets, commercial vehicles, and the use of public transportation, cities are prone to accidents because of their large population and bustling nature.

The Rinaldo Law Group has successfully maintained a practice in Newark, New Jersey, servicing those who have found themselves victim to a construction site accident, motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident, or even a public safety issue that resulted in serious harm. Accidents in cities tend to be more catastrophic than those in other places because there are often more people involved. The city of Newark is under construction frequently, heightening the risk of an incident. Our law firm is experienced in aiding those who have been injured in a construction accident whether that involves being struck by fallen debris or as a worker who was injured due to unsafe conditions.

Pedestrians also face risk in cities from being struck by a vehicle. While most urban streets have crossing lights that tell people when it is and is not safe to cross the street, too many pedestrians still get struck by a moving vehicle as a result of driver negligence. This driver or even the city can be held liable for the serious injuries a pedestrian may have sustained.

There are many incidents likely to occur in a city, so it is important to contact an experienced New Jersey accident lawyer if you have been injured in an accident. Our Newark office also services those who have been victim to an accident in the surrounding areas of Harrison, Kearny, East Orange and more. For more information, please call our office at 1-833-RINALDO, or feel free to walk in for a consultation. No appointment necessary.

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