Wrongful Death Claims



Wrongful death claims seek compensation for losses resulting from the death of a family member, such as a spouse, parent, or child. These claims are governed by wrongful death statutes in the various states. The lawyers at our firm have had much success in defending the families of victims of wrongful death in New Jersey and have helped them recover damages for the loss of a loved one.

Any number of situations can lead to wrongful death claims, such as medical mistakes, auto accidents, criminal acts, work-related injuries, and other fatal accidents.

Wrongful death claims due to medical mistakes are often the most difficult to prove. They require favorable testimony from experts and a great deal of technical evidence and documentation. In car accidents, these claims are usually made against the driver at fault and can result in more compensation from insurance companies. Claims resulting from criminal attacks or acts may involve the owner of the property where the attack occurred. Claims against employers may involve falls, electrocutions, or unsafe work conditions that result in death. Wrongful death claims can also seek damages from homeowners or landlords when their negligence causes a death on their property.

Wrongful death claims are often settled before going to trial. Cases that go to court make take several years to resolve.

If you feel the death of a family member was due to the negligence of fault of another party, contact us as soon as possible; your actions immediately after the death may affect the outcome. In addition, there are time limits for filing wrongful death claims.