Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey

motorcycle accident lawyer New JerseyWhile the weather may not agree, Spring is right around the corner.  With longer days and warmer weather, more motorcyclists will be hitting the road.  New Jersey has some of the most ideal roads for taking a cruise on your motorcycle. With that being said, motorcyclists are the most vulnerable population when it comes to New Jersey’s roadways.  Due to the lack of safety restraints such as seatbelts and their small size, motorcyclists make up a large percentage of serious injuries or death resulting from motor vehicle accidents.  Legally, motorcycle accidents are treated differently than other forms of automobile accidents. Continue reading “Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey”

As the Sun Begins to Shine be Aware of the Motorcyclists

While riding motorcycles may be enjoyable for many people, it can be a very dangerous method of transportation. Commonly, motorcycle crashes result in serious or fatal injuries. Operating a motorcycle on the roadways requires extreme safety measures, especially in New Jersey.
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