Be Aware of Intoxicated Drivers

Driving under the influence is a choice that many people decide to make, which too often tragically results in serious injuries and the deaths of others. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol has become one of the leading causes of death or serious injuries in the United States. It accounts for one-third of all traffic accident fatalities. These accidents occur when an intoxicated person engages in reckless driving, including:
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Prescription Drug Related Automobile Accidents Happen Everyday

In recent years, the number of opioid prescriptions has risen in the United States. Opioids are a class of drug prescribed to manage pain. Prescription drugs apart from this class include oxycodone, morphine, tramadol, Fentanyl, and hydrocodone. In 1991, the number of opioid prescriptions written by clinicians was 76 million and in 2014 it increased to 300 million prescriptions. This increase in opioid use has now contributed to an increase in American’s operating motor vehicles under the influence of drugs. Continue reading “Prescription Drug Related Automobile Accidents Happen Everyday”