New Jersey Bicycle Safety Regulations

New Jersey Bicycle Safety Regulations

by admin August 06, 2018

The summer season is in full swing! Many individuals in urban areas around New Jersey are beginning to ditch their vehicles for a healthier and much cheaper option, especially with the price of gas on the rise. Bicycling is a nice option for transportation for people who would like to get in shape and save a little money along the way. However, this option can pose a serious threat to one’s safety. Possible injuries that can occur while operating a bicycle are:

  • Head injuries;
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s);
  • Broken bones;
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Cuts, scratches, or bruises;
  • Fractures and sprains; among others.

There are many regulations in effect as designated by the New Jersey Department of Transportation that are designed to minimize potential bicycle accidents. According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation, all bicycles must be equipped with a front headlamp that emanates a white light that is visible from 500 feet away and a red, rear lamp that emits a light visible from 500 feet. Also, each bicycle must be equipped with an audible signal, such as a horn or bell, that can be heard from 100 feet away. Lastly, the bicycle must have working brakes that are usable on a dry, level surface.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation has also created other regulations for bicycle operators that are not related to the necessary equipment. One specific regulation states that an individual operating a moving bicycle must not remove both of their feet from the pedals or both of their hands from the handlebars while in motion. Also, passengers on the bicycle are limited to the number of seats the bicycle has. Lastly, according to the Department of Transportation, bicycle operators must not attach themselves to any other automobile, bus etc. while in motion.

The State of New Jersey is determined to make the usage of bicycles for travel a safe and fun method of transportation. Although, there is still the risk of sustaining serious injuries due to manufacturers defects, personal negligence, negligence of others, or other unforeseen circumstances. If you or someone you love has been killed or injured in a bicycling accident, contact an experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorney to recover the compensation the law provides. The attorneys at Rinaldo Law Group are skilled personal injury and wrongful death lawyers, who will fight for the compensation you deserve. Please contact us today at 1-833-RINALDO to schedule a free initial consultation.

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