Workers Compensation Claims

In addition to compensating for the medical costs involved with a work-related injury, workers compensation can also provide reimbursement for wages lost due to temporary, permanent, total, and/or partial disability.

An injured worker will not generally receive one hundred percent compensation for lost wages; the compensation usually amounts to about two-thirds of their wages they were earning at the time of the injury.

Workers’ compensation claims may also provide vocational rehabilitation, reinstatement of employment benefits, and more. Workers who are permanently disabled may be eligible for cost of living benefits through workers compensation claims, and other benefits.

While the workers’ compensation claims process usually works satisfactorily for an injured worker, legal help and counsel may sometimes be necessary to receive full and just compensation for an injury. An employer may illegally fail to carry workers compensation insurance, for example, or an insurance company may wrongfully deny benefits to an eligible employee.

If you have any concerns about your workers’ compensation benefits at all, we suggest you contact us today to learn more about your rights.

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