Doctor Negligence

All patients have a right to expect proper care and treatment from their medical professionals. Negligence by a physician can lead to serious medical complications, pain and disability, financial loss, and even death. The Rinaldo Law Group was successful in recovering $2.1 million for a client who was the victim of medical malpractice after suffering a laceration of Bile during gallbladder surgery.

If you have experienced what you consider doctor negligence, we suggest you consult an attorney as soon as possible. To recover compensation for injury or losses caused by the physician’s negligence, it will be necessary to present evidence that the doctor was negligent, and that you were indeed harmed by the negligence. The sooner you take action, the better the opportunity to investigate the situation and gather the needed evidence.

Contact the experienced attorneys at Rinaldo Law Group today to learn more about the legal action you may take to hold a physician accountable for your injuries. Call 1-833-RINALDO or fill out our contact form.

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