Failure to Diagnose

The failure to properly diagnose a patient can have detrimental consequences to a person’s health. It can result in injuries and illnesses that could have been prevented if the correct diagnosis was made from the beginning. The attorneys at the Rinaldo Law Group are familiar with handling medical malpractice cases and those involving missed diagnoses.

In some situations, a physician’s failure to diagnose a condition in a patient can be considered medical malpractice. That can be especially true if the physician failed to recognize common signs, or failed to perform standard tests while the patient continued to worsen or suffer greater damage to their health.

Failure to diagnose can be of critical importance in cancer cases, where delays in treatment can result in death. When patients have high-risk factors for certain diseases, such as heart disease, and doctors still fail to diagnose a disease properly, it may be due to negligence.

Understanding, evaluating, and successfully pursuing a claim for failure to diagnose requires an attorney with the ability to manage the complex legal and medical issues involved in such a case. Contact the attorneys at our firm to discuss the facts of your case and find a resolution that works best for you. Call 1-833-RINALDO or fill out our contact form to request a consultation.

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