Walmart Comes Under Litigation for a Death Allegedly Resulting from Slip and Fall Accident

by admin October 29, 2018 Personal Injury, Premises Liability

Slip and fall accidents are common and may result in serious injury. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI),

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Pet Food Manufacturer Cited for Failing to Rectify Hazards in the Workplace

by admin October 24, 2018 Personal Injury

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced that it has cited a New Jersey-based pet food manufacturer

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No-Fault Insurance in New Jersey

by admin October 03, 2018 Personal Injury

The concept of no-fault insurance claims first began in the United States in the early 1930’s, though it did not

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Defenses to Intentional Torts

by admin September 24, 2018 Personal Injury

In a previous article titled, “Intentional Torts: What Are They?” the three main intentional torts (battery, assault, and false imprisonment)

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Intentional Torts: What Are They?

by admin September 10, 2018 Personal Injury

A tort is considered to be a civil wrongful act or an infringement of a right, which leads to civil

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Two More New Jersey Bus Accidents Result in Numerous Injuries

by admin September 06, 2018 Personal Injury

Buses are an inexpensive and convenient method of transportation that many travelers may opt to use over the railways or

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Beware of Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Lawsuits in New Jersey

by admin September 04, 2018 Personal Injury

A common phrase that is often associated with personal injury is “statute of limitations.” In a legal context, a statute

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Dining Out with Food Allergies

by admin August 18, 2018 Personal Injury

Food allergies affect nearly fifteen million Americans and are quite common in many across the nation. According to the Food

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Product Liability Lawsuit Against Arizona Beverage

by admin August 15, 2018 Personal Injury

People are injured and even killed by unsafe products every day, causing tens of millions in losses and damage every

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Safety Concerns on New Jersey’s Railways

by admin August 13, 2018 Personal Injury

Using the railroad is a growing option for travel throughout the nation, and especially for New Jersey residents. Trains often

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