Motorcycle Accidents



Most motorcycle accidents occur between a motorcycle and another moving vehicle, usually where the front of the motorcycle strikes the other vehicle. Other accidents involve a motorist colliding with a stationary object. The lawyers at Rinaldo Law Group have helped clients injured in motorcycle accidents receive monetary compensation for their injuries, easing the healing process by alleviating financial worry. Motorcycle accidents are common and can cause very serious injuries, and it is important to hold the negligent party accountable.

Alcohol and excessive speed dramatically increase the likelihood of any accident. Helmets have been proven to reduce head and neck injuries in an accident.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, call the police immediately, even if no one is injured. The police accident report will be important for determining fault, so make sure it is accurate and detailed: weather, road conditions, number and types of vehicles, and even diagrams of the accident. Collect the names and phone numbers of everyone involved, including any witnesses. Exchange insurance information with the other party, and review the police report if possible.

If an accident has affected your quality of life, or if a loved one has been severely injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, contact us to learn more about your options and rights.


Slip & Fall Injuries
To win a slip and fall injury case, it’s necessary to show that the owner of the premises caused the damage to the walking surface, knew of the danger and ignored it, or should have known about and corrected the danger as a reasonable person would have.