Workers’ Compensation For Construction Workers

Workers’ Compensation For Construction Workers

by admin April 19, 2018

Was your injury work related?

An injury that happens during the course of employment may entitle an individual to workers’ compensation. In many instances, a work-related injury occurs at an office location or at a construction site. However, some injuries that occur outside of the regularly scheduled workday may constitute a work-related injury. For instance, a person that gets into an accident while operating a work vehicle on behalf of his or her employer may amount to a work-related injury. In addition to workers compensation, a person may be entitled to recover compensation from a third party in a personal injury claim.

Do you have all of the facts?

According to the Insurance Institute, the following occupations have the highest number of workers’ compensation claims:

  • Construction workers;
  • Truck drivers;
  • Custodians; and
  • Maintenance and repair workers, among others.

To receive workers’ compensation benefits, an injured employee does not need to show that an employer was negligent. These benefits may include, covering the cost of medical bills, as well as some reimbursement for lost wages as a result of the workplace injury.

Can you recover additional compensation?

While individuals are not permitted to sue their employer for work-related injuries, a person may however, file a personal injury suit if the injury occurred because of someone else, such as a subcontractor. A person may be entitled to more compensation through a personal injury claim than through workers compensation. For this reason, it is important to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney that specializes in construction accidents.

If you or a loved one has sustained a workplace injury, it is important to contact an experienced workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney. The attorneys at the Rinaldo Law Group have years of experience representing clients in workers compensation and personal injury actions, including construction accidents. With offices conveniently located in Manhattan and New Jersey, our firm represents clients throughout New York City and the state of New Jersey. For more information and to schedule a consultation, call 1-833-RINALDO.

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