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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), health care workers have the highest rate of non-fatal workplace injuries. A recent report has revealed that nurses have one of the most dangerous jobs because they face serious risks of injury. These risks include workplace violence from patients and a patient’s family members, injuries from maneuvering patients, and injuries sustained while drawing blood or administering injections.

According to a recent study, three out of four nurses working in a hospital are verbally abused or physically assaulted by a patient or a hospital visitor. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, mental illness, or drug and alcohol addictions are the most likely patients to engage in physical acts of violence towards nurses. These violent acts include, scratching, kicking, grabbing, and punching.

More recently, there have been multiple incidents of serious injuries against nurses. These situations included, being raped and beaten, stabbed, and pushed down a flight of stairs by a hospital visitor. While nurses are helping to treat patients and provide adequate care, they may be subject to incidents of violence. In addition to physical and verbal abuse, commonly, nurses may sustain back injuries from lifting or assisting patients who are unable to walk or from utilizing heavy medical equipment.

Furthermore, nurses are at high risk for being exposed to infectious diseases as well as contracting HIV and Hepatitis from a needle prick or other bodily fluids from a patient. While some may think that the hazards nurses are exposed to may be inevitable, oftentimes, injuries occur due to inadequate security, improper training, lack of staff, and the failure to rectify known hazards.

A doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic has a duty to provide a safe work environment for their employees. By implementing better training programs or security measures, these institutions will better serve both their patients and employees.

Filing a workers’ compensation claim is a viable option for an injured employee to receive compensation from an employer for injuries sustained as a direct result of their job. To receive workers’ compensation benefits, an injured employee does not need to show that an employer was negligent. These benefits may include, covering the cost of medical bills as well as some reimbursement for lost wages as a result of the workplace injury.

While individuals are not permitted to sue their employer for work related injuries, a person may however, file a personal injury suit if the injury occurred because of someone else’s intentional acts or negligence, such as a patient’s family member or hospital visitor.

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