Jersey City, New Jersey

Jersey City Personal Injury Attorneys

New Jersey’s second most populated city located in Hudson County, Jersey City is known for its close proximity to New York City. Jersey City is quite industrialized as it is home to Port Jersey, a freight transport facility. Furthermore, it maintains a vast public transit system including transportation by boat, bus, bike, tunnel, and railway within the city and to Manhattan. Each of these methods of public transportation carries risk of injury. Non-motorized transportation, such as bicycling or walking, can carry risk in a city as well. Pedestrian accidents are common in cities, as people can be struck by moving vehicles while simply crossing the street on their way to work. Hudson County had more than 20,000 car accidents resulting in injury in 2016, many of which occurred in Jersey City. If you have been involved in an accident associated with public transportation or another negligent party, it is important to consult with an experienced accident attorney.

As of March 2017, there are over 37,000 planned construction projects and 9,000 currently underway in Jersey City. This amount of construction can lead to dangerous conditions as a worker on a construction site or even as a passerby. Construction sites can cause injuries from fallen debris, unsecured equipment, lack of training to properly use equipment, or other unsafe working conditions. The lawyers at our Jersey City office are experienced and knowledgeable in the laws regarding construction site accidents and can help you hold the negligent party responsible and recover damages.

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