Class Action Lawsuits


In a class action lawsuit, numerous lawsuits against the same defendant are combined to give the plaintiffs more power to confront large corporations in court. However, the process can still be very intimidating, as large corporations often have a strong legal team and seem to have unlimited resources. The lawyers at Rinaldo Law Group are very knowledgeable and skilled in handling class action lawsuits and have been successful in receiving monetary compensation for its clients.

A class action lawsuit can address any issue covered by conventional lawsuits, provided all plaintiffs are seeking similar damages for similar injury or loss from the same cause. They also save time and money by resolving multiple cases in front of one judge.

A judge will only authorize a class action lawsuit when certain conditions are met, usually when a number of plaintiffs have similar grievances that can all be settled in the same case. Once a class action suit has been declared, the individual plaintiffs are generally prevented from filing their own independent lawsuits.

When plaintiffs win class action lawsuits they sometimes receive less compensation than might have been possible in an individual suit. But the efficiencies and combined resources of a class suit significantly increase the chances for a settlement.

Any individual who qualifies can join in a class action lawsuit, where a class representative will appear for the entire group. Most participants will not have to appear in court, although they may need to submit written testimony and provide the necessary documentation, such as medical or other records to support their claims.

If you have been the victim of corporate negligence or wrongdoing – and know of many others who were also harmed in the same way – a class action lawsuit may be your best option for recovering. We suggest you consult with us to review the situation as soon as practical by calling 1-833-RINALDO or filling out our contact form.