Federal Bill Would Aim to Keep Health Care and Social Service Workers Safe While on the Job

employment liability lawyer New JerseyIn response to the growing number of acts of violence against health care and social service workers, U.S. Representative Joe Courtney of Connecticut recently introduced a bill that would require the Labor Department to implement a workplace violence prevention program with the workers’ safety in mind. Continue reading “Federal Bill Would Aim to Keep Health Care and Social Service Workers Safe While on the Job”

When Is an Employer Liable for the Actions of Their Employees?

employment liability lawyer New JerseyOften times, the negligent actions of an employee may cause injuries to another individual. Under the doctrine of respondeat superior (or “let the master answer”), an injured party may pursue compensation from an employer for the injuries they sustained. Continue reading “When Is an Employer Liable for the Actions of Their Employees?”

Landscapers Must Be Aware of Job Hazards as Weather Warms Up

With the winter weather giving way to warmer temperatures, people are seeing more landscaping trucks in their neighborhoods. Landscapers perform various tasks on homeowners’ properties — whether it is mowing lawns, planting trees or shrubs or installing and maintaining irrigation equipment. However, they must be aware of the work hazards they may face as they work during the spring and summer months.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Landscape and Horticultural Services lists a serious of potential hazards that landscapers face while on the job. These include cuts and amputations; electrocution; ergonomic-related injuries; eye injuries; hearing loss; heat-related illnesses; lifting and awkward postures; exposure to pesticides and chemicals; and slips, trips and falls. These may result in either serious injury or death.
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Workers’ Compensation For Construction Workers

Was your injury work related?

An injury that happens during the course of employment may entitle an individual to workers’ compensation. In many instances, a work-related injury occurs at an office location or at a construction site. However, some injuries that occur outside of the regularly scheduled workday may constitute a work-related injury. For instance, a person that gets into an accident while operating a work vehicle on behalf of his or her employer may amount to a work-related injury. In addition to workers compensation, a person may be entitled to recover compensation from a third party in a personal injury claim.
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), health care workers have the highest rate of non-fatal workplace injuries. A recent report has revealed that nurses have one of the most dangerous jobs because they face serious risks of injury. These risks include workplace violence from patients and a patient’s family members, injuries from maneuvering patients, and injuries sustained while drawing blood or administering injections.