Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

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Severe burns are considered to be the most painful type of injury and come with ongoing surgery for years. This leads to very high medical bills which can be difficult to keep up with. The Rinaldo Law Group consists of lawyers who have been successful in helping victims of burn injuries receive compensation for undergoing this pain and expense.
Burn victims often undergo multiple surgeries and skin grafts to replace damaged and lost tissue. Children must typically undergo repeated surgeries as they get older since skin grafts do not grow
like original skin.

Burns can be caused by heat and flame, by electrical contact, radiation, corrosive chemicals, and even intense light. So-called first-degree burns affect only the outermost layer of skin. In second-degree burns the first layer of skin burns is burned through, resulting in damage to the second layer of skin. These burns are considered minor when they affect less than 15% of the body. Third-degree burns affect all layers of the skin, and usually appear black and charred with dry white areas. They can cause severe pain unless the nerve endings have been damaged. Most third degree burns need skin grafts and leave highly visible scars.

When extensive skin areas are burned, it can impair the body’s fluid balance, temperature regulation, joint function, and dexterity. There can also be damage to the underlying muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels. The respiratory system can also be affected, causing possible airway obstruction and respiratory failure.

Burns can also leave a victim with deep emotional and psychological scars due to the pain, disfigurement, and the trauma of the burn incident. The effects can be especially devastating to children, when discomfort, fear, and the stares and questions of strangers affect their self-image and personalities.
In addition to the direct effects of the burns, victims may also require costly long-term medical care in the form of surgeries, physical therapy, and infection prevention. The effects may also result in lost wages for long periods, and even lead to diminished earning capacity. To learn more about the compensation you may be eligible for as a burn victim, contact us at 1-833-RINALDO.