Joseph Monaco

Joseph Monaco | New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney

When Joseph Monaco graduated from Fordham University Law School twenty years ago, he knew exactly what he wanted to do as his career: help people when their lives seemed destroyed by accident and serious injury. Immediately after graduation, Mr. Monaco joined a small, prestigious law firm in New York City representing injured people. He rose through the ranks and became the only new partner ever named to the firm. In 2007, he decided it was time to forge his own path and focus on helping people with debilitating injuries. What differentiates Mr. Monaco from the other personal injury attorneys is his dedication and understanding. He is happy to meet with clients at a convenient location during evening and weekend hours whose injuries prevent them from coming into the office.

Mr. Monaco values the attorney-client relationships and understands that his clients place trust in his knowledge, experience and willingness to take every measure to provide the vigorous, effective representation his clients need and deserve. He has elected to focus only on representing individuals who truly need and deserve legal representation to protect their rights in negligence cases of the most grievous injuries.